The Music & Song Requests

Time Required for Lesson – 6 Minutes

Let’s play the Best tunes!

Login to Spotify.

If you don’t have a Spotify account ask your Manager for the company login. Find the Needed Play List.

Warm Up Song

Warm Up

Show the Children the first dance moves ( Dance Moves to Follow in one of the Next Lessons) from the dance routine that you will later teach them. Play the Warm up Song :I’m Good!

Games Music.

For the Dancing Games, use the active, High energy songs available in the playlist.

Sing Along Song

Between the Dancing Games, Play this song. Get all the kids to follow the directions in the song: “Put your hands up in the air” , etc .Explain to the kids to echo what the DJ say’s all together (and dance around at the same time).
Example: EEE AHH — OOOO AHH —-
Have thing song play for about 1.5 minutes and move on to the next games.

Sing Along Song

Dance Tutorial – It’s Good!

Follow the directions in the video to follow.

1) Make sure Music is not too loud for the children.
2) Make sure that the music you are playing suits the games and is that of the high-energy caliber.