Control your Group!

Time Required for Lesson – 5 Minutes

Controlling a group of children as a party entertainer at a disco party can be a fun and rewarding experience if you use the right strategies. Here are some tips to help you manage and engage the children effectively:

Set Clear Expectations & Boundaries:

  1. Introduce yourself and explain to the children what the program will entail. Begin the party by setting clear rules and expectations, in the case that there are things the children should not do and accentuate that fact that we want it to be as much fun as possible. Let the children know what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. Use simple language and make sure they understand the guidelines.

    2) Define the boundaries of the dance floor and activity areas. Make sure children understand where they can play and dance, and where they should avoid.

Use Positive Reinforcement:

  1. Praise and reward good behavior. Offer verbal encouragement and small prizes for active participation and following the rules.
  2. Give tons of high fives, clap for the champions, clap for the children that failed, smile, laugh and make it a fun day for the children!

Be Enthusiastic and Energetic:

Maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm throughout the party. Your excitement will be contagious and help keep the kids engaged and most importantly, this will keep the children following your instructions and completing the program you have been hired to provide.

What to Do when No one listens to you?

  1. If you are struggling to get control of your group, lower the music volume a bit so all the children can hear you clearly.
  2. Use your BIG voice and tell the children: If you can hear me, pat your head. Repeat it a few times until you have all the children attention. ( Make it fun and not sound like you are a dictator šŸ™‚ Then proceed to explain what you needed to.

Keep Activities Age-Appropriate:

Tailor your activities and dance routines to the age group you are entertaining. Younger children may need simpler, slower-paced dances, while older kids may enjoy more complex moves.

Provide Structure:

Maintain a schedule for the party, with designated times for different activities. Children thrive on routine and knowing what to expect. Enter the party with a clear plan of action and use your sense of urgency to remain punctual and stick to it!

Stay Flexible:

Be adaptable and ready to change plans or activities if necessary. Sometimes, spontaneity can add an extra layer of fun to the party.

Safety First:

Always prioritize the safety of the children. Ensure that any equipment or props are used safely, and maintain a watchful eye to prevent accidents. If some children are being rough with others – Intervene.