1.5 Spiderman Design – Face Painting

Time Required for Lesson – 20 Minutes

Equipment and Supplies 

  • Sponge 
  • White & Red FX/ Tag paint 
  • Round Brush 
  • Detailer brush 
  • Black and White Paint 
  • Spray bottle 

Background check

1) Select a sponge.
2) Spritz one side of the sponge.
3) Spritz the white paint.
4) Load sponge. Place sponge at an angle, cutting through the eyebrow.
5) Once the upper paint falls in line with the corner of the eye you know you have taken it high enough.

Red ready 

1)Load up your sponge with read.
2) Squeeze your sponge together and create the triangle shape. Then fill it in.

Place it right 

1) Squeeze your sponge one more time and run it behind the white eyes and down to the cheek area.
2) Create another triangle using the width of your sponge again. 

Keep it symmetrical

Round brush – Load with black – find your point and start outlining the eyes starting thin and going thicker.

Lets get web – y

1) Load your round brush again, operate forehead area into 3 sections.
2) Lightly join the sections, arching inwards.
3) Use the detailer brush for the side webs.

Light it up baby

White and stencil or gentle white strokes to Hugh light. Done Done done – good Job!  


* Sponge consistency should be dry-ish , almost airbrushed effect.
** Load up your round brush till it is a creamy consistency.