Playing the Limbo game is a classic way to inject fun and energy into any gathering. Dive into our comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know, from setup to game rules, and ensure your Limbo experience is a hit.

Setup and Equipment


  1. Position the Limbo set or a Tug of War rope between two poles or holders.
  2. Ensure the rope or pole is held at chest height initially.
  3. Play some funky music to set the mood. Bazinga playlists offer some great choices.


  • Limbo set or Tug of War rope.
  • A music system with dance songs.

Safety Tips

  • Use a stick or rope that can easily fall if touched, to prevent tripping.
  • Ensure the area where you’re playing is free from obstacles.
  • Players should wear comfortable clothing and avoid slippery footwear.
  • Always warm up before playing to prevent muscle strains.

Game Rules

  1. Players take turns to pass under the stick without touching it.
  2. Players must bend backward, flexing their knees and leaning as required.
  3. Hands may not touch the ground.
  4. After every round, lower the stick by 10 inches.
  5. Players who touch the stick or fall are out.
  6. The game continues until the stick is too low for anyone to pass under.
  7. Note: There are no losers in Limbo. It’s all about fun!

Alternative Game Ideas

  • Musical Limbo: Combine musical chairs with Limbo. When the music stops, players must limbo under the stick.
  • Blindfolded Limbo: Add an extra challenge by blindfolding players.
  • Double Limbo: Two players limbo under the stick simultaneously, facing back-to-back.

Game Supplies (Where to Buy)

Finding the right Limbo set or equipment is essential for a successful game. Consider checking out:

  • Local sports stores or toy shops.
  • Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.
  • Specialty party stores may also offer Limbo sets suitable for gatherings.


Q: Can adults play Limbo?
A: Absolutely! Limbo is fun for all ages. Just ensure the equipment used is sturdy enough to support adults.

Q: Is there a world record for Limbo?
A: Yes, there are records for the lowest limbo by both men and women. It’s fascinating to see how low some can go!

Q: How can I make Limbo more challenging?
A: Apart from lowering the bar, introducing new rules or combining with other games can add a twist.

There you have it – a complete guide to playing Limbo, ensuring both fun and safety. Now, all that’s left is to gather your friends and start bending!