Unleash a burst of excitement with the “Head, Shoulders, Cone” game. Derived from the iconic “Simon says”, this fast-paced game requires quick reflexes and lots of laughter.

Setup and Equipment

  • Choose a smooth, flat area that spans around 5 meters in length. Down the center, place a line-up of cones. If cones aren’t readily available, cups or even shoes can serve as a makeshift solution..

Safety Tips

  • Ensure the playing surface is free of obstacles to prevent tripping.
  • While shoes can be used as substitutes for cones, ensure they’re stable and won’t cause players to slip.
  • Always keep the game in good spirit. It’s about fun, not competition.

Game Rules

  1. Pair up participants. Each duo should stand opposite each other, flanking the line of cones.
  2. Call out body parts randomly: “Head”, “Shoulders”, “Knees”, “Toes”. Players must touch the body part mentioned.
  3. Throw in the twist by shouting “Cone”. This is the cue for players to snatch the cone before their partner.
  4. The game advances in a knockout style. Those who fail to grab the cone or touch the wrong body part are out. The game continues until a single victor emerges.

Alternative Game Ideas

If “Head, Shoulders, Cone” has become a household favorite, consider these variations:

  1. Musical Cones: Blend in “Musical Chairs” rules. Remove a cone after each round.
  2. Double Trouble: Use two cones per pair. Call out “Double Cone” and players grab both.
  3. Body Shuffle: Introduce new body parts or actions, like “Spin” or “Jump”, to add a fresh twist.

Game Supplies (Where to Buy)

Seeking quality game supplies? Your local sports stores often have a range of cones suitable for games. Alternatively, online marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart offer diverse options, often with next-day delivery.


Q: Can more than two players participate in a single round?
A: Yes! While the standard is two, variations allow 3 or 4 kids per cone.

Q: How long does a typical game last?
A: With its knockout nature, most games wrap up in 10-15 minutes. However, this can vary based on the number of participants.

Q: Is it suitable for indoor play?
A: Absolutely. Just ensure there’s adequate space and a safe playing surface.

Optimized with the perfect blend of entertainment and information, this guide to “Head, Shoulders, Cone” promises fun-filled gatherings and a top spot on search engines!