Hello there, and welcome to the next step of joining the Bazinga team!

This is our employee agreement.

(Even though we are 99% about fun, we also do mean business for the other 1% of the time.)
By reading and signing this document you agree to adhere to our protocols, confidentiality and operational objectives outlined below. (One of us, one of us!)

Joining the Bazinga team means that you are already skilled in something or you are what we call a Noob. (biggest compliment ever, that means that you’ve got a hella lot of potential – pretty much just an awesome human) Regardless of the above status, it’s mandatory to take part in our training program where you will learn the art of painting tiny human faces, wrestling with balloons and active engagement with our miniature clients. (party games)
This includes but is not limited to the following:
– 6 x 2 hour online Face painting training sessions (Over the course of 2 weeks – midweek training.)
– 6 x 2 hour online Balloon art training sessions ( Over the course of 2 weeks – midweek training.)
Your designated trainer, who trains, will notify management once you’ve passed your final exam for both of the above, at which point you will be officially regarded as a Party Pro. Whoa, cool!

When you need to know the digits..

  •  Your first trial event with us is compensated at 50% of your trainee rate per hour.
  •  During your first 4 weeks you are compensated at the trainee rate + travel. (This amount will have been confirmed with your hiring manager)
  • Once you pass our training course, or your trainer gives us the thumbs up, you will be compensated at full rates. (This amount will have also been confirmed with your hiring manager.
  • Bookings of 4+ hours maybe subject to a discounted rate, this will be confirmed by your events manager.

When you get paid..
1. In your first 2 weeks of training your payments will be made weekly.
2. After which you will receive your payslip to confirm that everything is correct on the 25th of every month. Payments will be made on the 26th of every month. (If the 25th or 26th falls on a weekend Or public holiday, payments will be made on the following work day)

When the service is not delivered..
You are responsible to fulfill your job brief in its entirety. Some reasons we will know when this was not completed is the following:
1. The client reviews you and says you didn’t fulfill the brief.
2. Your partner alerts management that .. you guessed it, you didn’t fulfill the brief.
3. You ask yourself, did I fulfill the brief and the answer is no, at which point you alert management.
*IMPORTANT: It will remain up to management’s discretion to refund the client for services not delivered or not up to our standard and in this case your hourly wage will be affected.

When you’re running late..
– If you are a NOOB (in training), contact your team leader and notify them of your whereabouts and confirm your ETA.
– If you are a PARTY PRO, use the client’s number provided to you on your event brief and notify the client of your whereabouts, apologise for the delay and confirm your ETA. (Ex: Hello Ms/ I’m PARTY PRO 3 calling from Bazinga Parties. I’m your entertainer for this afternoon. Unfortunately I am running a few minutes late, I should arrive at your event at 2:30. I am sorry for the inconvenience and hope to make it up to you soon.)
– After your event, send a message to your bookings coordinator to let them know that you were late and confirm if there were any further hiccups.

When to Contact the Client…
– If you are running late on the day of your event (only once you’ve moved past your training.)

*IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to contact the client before the date of your event. You are also not allowed to request to change the time of your event with the client that has to be done through your area manager.

When you’re sick..
Some may call us party Superheroes, but even superheroes get sick some of the time. If this is the case for you, please adhere to our following ‘I’m sick` policy.
– Feeling sick leading up to an event, and think you won’t be able to work. Don’t leave it to the day of your event but rather notify your bookings coordinator in advance so that they can try to replace you in time.
– Just can’t make it into work on the day you are scheduled to work, you will need to provide management with a doctor’s note which will be sent to the client if we have to cancel their party.

When you work..
Work hours are considered as follows , unless otherwise specified by your willingness to accept mid-week work.
– Saturday – 9:00am – 6:00m
– Sunday – 9:00am – 6:00pm

When you need time off..
How to request a weekend day off?
After joining Bazinga Parties you will be provided with your own Bazinga email address and calendar to keep your availability updated. If you would like to take a Saturday or / and Sunday off, please mark yourself as away all day on your calendar. (How? Create an event and label it as you wish – some popular examples are: Away, unavailable, no bueno, out of the office, don’t book me please)
*IMPORTANT: To complete the task, in the invitee section, add your booking coordinator to the invitation so they can be made aware of your request.
Please also take note of the following:
1. We allow 1 x weekend off per month or 2 single days.
2. You can only mark yourself off for the day if you do not already have bookings scheduled for that day. If you do already have a booking scheduled for the day and you would still like to request it off, please contact your bookings co-ordinator and they will try their best to replace you. If however they are unable to it is your responsibility to deliver the service you were booked for.
3. It is recommended that you mark yourself off at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.
Need more than a couple days away from work? Please write management at hey@bazinga.training to discuss it further.

When you need to communicate..
1. Your equipment is broken – Send management a picture of the equipment with a description of what happened.
2. Your stock is low – Please contact management before you run out of something to ensure you always have what you need to get the job done.
3. You lost your equipment.
4. Your equipment got stolen.
5. You had an accident on the road.
6. You are having trouble working with certain partners.
7. You just need a chat.
8. A client behaved with malice or aggression towards you. (Never happened but just in case)
9. You don’t have your full event information.
10. You can’t make the commute time between your events.
11. You don’t have the equipment you require for your event brief.

When you are responsible..
1. You run out of stock and didn’t not communicate to management! (Please always communicate 7 working days prior so that we can ensure you get the stock in time.)
2. When your equipment is dirty. (Please keep your equipment clean at all times. This includes; washing your dirty games equipment if needed, your face paint stock and organising your balloon bag/pouch)
3. When you didn’t check the travel time and show up late for your event.
4. When you need additional equipment for the weekend and you left it to the last day. (You will be held responsible to collect it)
5. When you wanted to mark yourself off on your calendar but haven’t done so in time and have already received an event in your calendar. (You will be held responsible to be at that event)

When we need a tini tiny bit more..
Management reserves the following rights in regards to all our employees part-time and full-time:
1) Request background checks on entertainers representing our brand with applicable authorities.
2) Request that you return to training if we receive client complaints or see sub standard work.
3) Assess your performance on the monthly basis via Zoom calls, email or phone calls.

When you think the grass is greener on the other side..
Unless you started working at Bazinga Parties with proven previous experience in face painting, games co-ordination or balloon art..
– You are by no means allowed to work for other entertainment companies or privately with the skills that Bazinga Parties International has trained you in.
– In the case that you have already been working in the same field prior to joining Bazinga Parties, please discuss this directly with management.
– If you take another weekend job it is your responsibility to ensure that the work hours do not encroach on your committed hours at Bazinga Parties. Please notify management if any changes occur.
Should you choose to ignore the above, we will wish you all the best but you will no longer be able to work for or with Bazinga Parties International.

When it’s a Big Bonus Baby!
Yup, you heard that right! You’re awesome so let’s celebrate that! For all the new team members who have joined from May 2022 this applies to you! If you reach your 3 months mark with us, a bonus percentage of each event that you have taken part in during your first 3 months will be paid out to you. Reason why you would not receive your bonus:
– Leaving before your 3 months party-versary.
– Damaged equipment. (Subject to management’s discretion the costs for damaged equipment may be deducted from your bonus)

When you’re not happy 🙁
We all have those days and sometimes certain situations can, simply put, be too much. Please notify your hiring manager to discuss what solutions can be found to rectify the work related problems you are facing.
*Please note, we are not psychologists, but we like you and will help in whatever way we can.

When it’s time to leave..
We hope this day never comes, but in case it does, 1 months notice is required. Please notify your hiring manager, in writing when it’s time for you to move on to your next great adventure.

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