TIME TEST – Basic Balloon Art

Boom, Boom, Pow! You made it to the end of our basic balloon art course. Whats next you might ask?

It’s time for a small test to make sure you know our basic balloon designs and can start getting booked at kids parties for simple balloon art.

Time Required for Test – 20 Minutes

Equipment and Supplies – Balloon Pump, 10 Qualatex 260Qs and your phone.

20 Minutes To Go

Take 20 minutes to make one of each of the basic balloon designs you learnt in this course.
1) Login to this course on your cellphone.
2) The Quiz will time you as you.
3) Start with the first design. UPLOAD the design, then create the next one – Until you have completed the full list.

What You Have Learnt!

As a reminder the balloons you learnt in this course were:

1) Sword
2) Heart
3) Helmet
4) Giraffe
5) Poodle
6) Monkey
7) Cat
8) Butterfly
9) Bear
10) Dinosaur

Snap A Pic

Snap a picture of each of the Balloon designs that you have finished using your cellphone.

**Log into this training and navigate to this page on your cellphone. UPLOAD the design and click NEXT to begin another design. This must carry on until you have completed the full list of designs.


One of our team will review your images and give you feedback within 24 hours.


*20 minutes is the average time it takes for beginners to make all the balloons, if you go a little bit over.. Don’t stress!

**Try to get the proportions correct. With practise you will get faster, but for our test precision rather than speed is important.