The Games

Time Required for Lesson – 10 Minutes

Life is more fun if you play games.

The game of “Musical Mats” is a variation of the classic children’s game “Musical Chairs.” HOW TO PLAY: Lay the Mats on the ground in a circle. When the Music plays, the children must dance or walk around in a circle without touching the mats. When the music Stops, they must rush a try to stand on a mat. The one who does not get a mat is disqualified from the game.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the children are not playing in socks on a slippery ground, this can lead to them falling / slipping.

The game of “Follow the leader or Dance Circle” is a variation of Simon says. HOW TO PLAY: Gather the children in a large circle. One child must begin by entering the middle of the circle a demonstrating a dance move. All the other children should try to follow . Once the child is done, they tap the shoulder of the next child, exit the circle and the next child begins.
IMPORTANT: Try to make sure that each child is in the middle for about 10 seconds max. You can simple shout next encourage the choosing on the next participant.

The game of “Limbo” – HOW TO PLAY: Have the children line up and each try to bend under the limbo stick without touching the stick or the floor.
IMPORTANT: Each time the full amount of children pass under the stick, it must be lower to make it more difficult. The last man standing is the champion.

The game of “Balloon Relay” – ” HOW TO PLAY: Make 2 teams. Each team is given a balloon. The first child on each team must place the balloon between their legs, make their way to the target, then return and pass the balloon onto the next child. The first team to have all their participants return has won the competition.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to cheer the teams on during the course of the competition.

The game of “Parachute Dance” – ” HOW TO PLAY: Play the Funky Music and Have all the children find their place around the parachute. Birthday child begins – Have all the children make 3 giant waves with the parachute and the lift – The birthday child runs under the parachute to the other side. Upon arriving on the other side, they tap the shoulder of the next child whose turn it I – The game continues until all the children have had a chance.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to cheer the individuals on.

The game of “Pass the Parcel” – ” HOW TO PLAY: Make a parcel prior to the party – wrap each layer with a prize such as stickers, colouring book, etc. The children seat themselves in a circle. As the Music plays, the children pass the parcel around in a circle. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel opens one layer. This goes on until all the children have had a turn.
IMPORTANT: For old children, Wrap a dare into each layer of the parcel.

Examples of Dares the Pass the Parcel for the Older children ( +7 years old) :
1) You have 10 seconds to take a group selfie.
2) Spin around in a circle the amount of times that matches the age of the birthday child – try to walk in a straight line after.
3) Choose a friend to do the chicken dance together.
4) Choose a friend and do your favourite tie Tok dance together.
5) Show everyone a party trick or skill you have.