1.1 How-To’s – Face Painting

Average Time Required for Lesson  – 10 Minutes

  • Paint brushes, size 5, 3 and 2
  • A piece of Paper
  • A  cup for water
  • TAG or FX paints Black 
  • Face Painting Sponge 
  • Split cake 


1) No matter what kind of linework you do, always hold your brush perpendicular to the skin.
2) Before you start any line work, Make sure the point of your Brush is sharp.

Consistency is Key

1) Getting the right paint consistency will help you obtain vibrant colors and sharp lines. Creamy and inky paint consistencies are what you want for linework.
2) Use a creamy consistency for your white lines and inky (slightly more watery than creamy) consistency for your black and colored lines.
Also, make sure you’re activating your paint correctly!

Sponge work

Get Spongy

1) Face Painting sponges are great tools for covering large areas of the face and or body in just a few seconds. Once you learn how to use them they will be your best friend.
2) Hold your sponge on one end and the other end. Spray your split cake or paint colour once. 
3) Place your sponge width way onto your split cake and press and pull downwards and press and pull up wards in a fluid motion. Making sure you are loading an apple amount of paint on the front and the back of the sponge end.
*Sponges absorb a lot of moisture, keep spraying water on/in as required to make sure the consistency is right.
** Before starting any sponge work make sure you dab it onto the cloth. 


Brush Types

1) The Round Brush: This brush is used for the majority of the line work down. It extremely versatile as the intensity of the brush stroke is more dependant on the amount of pressure applied than the actual brush.   
2) The Flat Brush: This Brush is fantastic to cover large amounts of space fast. It also perfectly blends multiple colours in one quick stroke. 
3) The Detailer Brush: Long bristles make them perfect for whimsical swirls and extremely fine details. For example, thin lines on a butterfly wing. Using the tip of the brush and quite wet paint, you can drop ‘dots’ onto your design and they will come out perfectly round!