10 Tips for More Tips !

My Money don’t Jiggle Jiggle, it folds.

Number one:

Spend a few extra minutes when you’re getting ready to scrutinise your costume and your wig before you head out the door to go to that party.

Make sure you have packed all your supplies that you need for the day and have put on light make up to fit the theme.

Number two:

If you’re in a company that provides singing, sing more, sing as much as possible, as long as you’re a good singer.

Go the Extra mile and don’t leave the event till you have sprinkled you magic everywhere.

Number three:

Prepare yourself ahead of time with character specific stories and phrases.

For instance, if you were playing the Little Mermaid that day, you could call the kids angel fish or, guppies or things like that.

Number four:

This one seems like an obvious one but just in case you didn’t think of it, make sure you give extra attention to the birthday girl because most of the time it’s the birthday girl’s parents or sometimes grandparents that are the ones paying for that party and the ones tipping.

So if they see that their kids super happy, they’re going to be more likely to give you a bigger tip.

Number five:

Make sure any special requests that the parents have.

Maybe they’ve told you or your company if they have special requests ahead of time, maybe a specific song they want to hear or something different.

Number six:

If your scheduling allows spending an extra five to 10 minutes at a party goes a long way.

It just shows that you’re not just trying to rush in and out and get the things done and move on if you don’t care, spending those extra five minutes, even though you’re not, maybe not paid for those five minutes.

Number seven is basically tying up everything we have in the working with kids section.

If you confidently lead through the party, you’re way more likely to get bigger tips we’ve found in our company.

The number one thing that determines if someone’s getting a good review or not is how well they work with kids.

Number eight is look, kids in the eye, eye contact is so underrated.

And you know what, when you’re addressing parents, look them in the eye too, goes a long way with making the kids feel like they’re special, making the parents see that you’re clearly invested in them, which leads better experience for the kids and you’re going to feel more fulfilled too.

When you feel like you’ve really done a good job making the most magical time possible for the kids and families.

Number nine is about the importance of constantly reading your audience and adjust your pacing and your activities according to how the kids are reacting, especially different age groups.

For example, older kids might be able to sit through stories a lot longer.

Whereas younger kids might not have as long of an attention span.

You might need to get through that story a little bit more quickly and you’ve got to have the flexibility to go along with what you need to do for the group of kids that you’re dealing with.

Have high energy and smile.

If you have a fun, happy energy about you and you are smiling and having a good time, the kids are going to have more fun with you and really truly just smile, smile, smile.

Just Smile Alot – It’s the easiest and best way to get anything done!