10.0 Cat Design – Face Painting

Time Required for Lesson – 20 Minutes

Equipment and Supplies 

  • Sponge 
  • White FX/ Tag paint 
  • Round Brush 
  • Detailer brush 
  • Solid Pink FX / Tag paint 
  • Spray bottle 
Cat Face Paint

Background check 

1)Select a sponge.
2) Spritz one side of the sponge.
3) Select the white paint, load up your sponge. dab on your cloth to get rid of any extra, unwanted moisture.
3) Ask the child to close their eyes and start dabbing on the eyelid.
4) Rest the sponge just below the nose at the midway point.
5) Dab one side and then the other to create the whisker area. 

Cat Face Paint 2

Create the background

1)Load up your sponge with pink. begin right between the eyebrows. Dab from one eyebrow to the other. 
2) Raise the sponge at an angle for the ear. top point falling in line the the corner of the outer eye.
3) Repeat on other side.

Cat Face Paint 3


1) Place on corner of your sponge lying width way along the corner of the eye.
2) Start dabbing it on the skin as you bring it down toward the corner of the mouth.
3) Repeat on the other side.
4) Fill the cheek areas and blend the color.

Cat Face Paint 4

Line Work 

1) Load your round brush. Start with the ears – Thin -thick brush stroke.  
2) For the cheek line work use the Thick to thin to get the wispy, feathered look. 


Nose and whiskers 


High-light it baby 

White high-lights 


** Sponge consistency should be dry-ish , almost airbrushed effect.

** Load up your round brush till it is a creamy consistency.