1.8 Princess Design – Face Painting

Time Required for Lesson – 20 Minutes

Equipment and Supplies 

  • Sponge 
  • White FX/ Tag paint 
  • Round Brush 
  • Detailer brush 
  • Solid Pink FX / Tag paint 
  • Spray bottle 
  • Black Paint 
  • Blue Split cake 

Background check 

1) Select a sponge.
2) Spritz one side of the sponge.
3) Spritz the Blue split cake a couple times. Load the sponge till adequately covered.
4) Then dab your cloth to remove extra residue.
5) Start creating the wings.  

Focal point

1)Place the sponge between the eyebrows and dab in place till the circular shape is formed.
2) Add 2 smaller ones on each side.



1)Blend in pink at the outer points.
2) Place your stencil on the centre piece , hold firmly in place. Load your sponge with white. 3) Ensure the sponge is not too damp. Dab over the stencil.

Keep it symmetrical

1) Finish the focal point by adding 5 tear drops pointing downward. 4 on either side pointing up ward.
2) Add the curls on either side. Begin the wing – like shape by using the thick to thin brush stroke.  

Finish it up 

Complete the wing – like shape on both sides . Finish around the eyes by adding the stair case tear drops.  

Frame It!

1) Select the detailer brush, load it, find the point.  
2) Highlight around the main brushstrokes by gliding the detailer along one side. keep it very like and wispy.  
3) Add Snowy dots and That’s it!


* Sponge consistency should be dry-ish , almost airbrushed effect.
** Load up your round brush till it is a creamy consistency.
***Pay attention to the line work.