1.8 Equipment & Supplies

Time Required for Lesson – 1 Minute

Please read through the following carefully about our preferred supplies for entertainment.


We only allow the use of the following Balloon manufacturers at our events: QualatexSempertex and Betallatex. All three brands are available globally and manufacture balloons which are made from latex (A natural product) which is biodegradable and safe for our planet.

Face Paints

We only allow the use of the following face-paint brands at our parties and events: TAGGlobalFX and Mehron. All of the brands are available for purchase globally and provide non toxic, hypoallergenic, skin safe products which are easy to use and remove.


We have a set list of games that are offered to our clients on our website. All of the games supplies are provided by us to the entertainers that have been through our games course.


*If you are using entertainment supplies for balloon art or face-painting that are not listed above and you think they meet our criteria.. Please contact us to discuss this further.