1.7 Dinosaur Design – Face Painting

Time Required for Lesson – 20 Minutes

Equipment and Supplies 

  • Sponge 
  • White FX/ Tag paint 
  • Black FX/ Tag paint 
  • Green FX /Tag paint 
  • Round Brush 
  • Detailer brush 
  • Angle Brush 
  • Spray bottle 
  • Stencil 

Background check 

1) Select a sponge.
2) Spritz one side of the sponge.
3) Spritz the yellow face paint tub a couple times. Dab the colour with your sponge till adequately covered.
4) Then dab your cloth to remove extra residue.
5) Start by creating a mask like shape. 

Learn to Blend

1)Load up your sponge again with the green split cake.
2) Dab the green color from one eyebrow to the other in a straight line.


Raaar …

1)Load up your sponge again with the green split cake. Raise the sponge by half its width just above the middle of the eyebrow and dab in place.
2) Repeat on the other side and the lower again and shape the remainder f the mask.

Add the horns

Grab your round brush and create the horns as shown here. 


Use the round brush and load with black to create the main lines.  


Load the detailer and softly outline the horns. 

Eyebrow power

1) Using the round brush, begin the brush stroke below the actual eyebrow of the child, gradually pulling it slightly above and tucking it into the outer corner of the eye.
2) Repeat 


* Brush  consistency should be Pastey and bright. 

** Load up your round brush till it is a creamy consistency.

*** When the brush strokes are patchy that means you need to add more paint again.