1.6 Working With Kids

Time Required for Lesson – 3 Minutes

90% of working at Kids Parties is spent with children, after 10 years in the industry working with kids on 4 continents at 1000’s of events there are a number of key points that we think are important, and implementing them will help you get on their level and be awesome at dealing with them.

Get On Their Level

Quite literally! We have noticed that the entertainers good with children kneel down and get on their level when talking with them.


This mad skill is probably the most important thing, when dealing with children the key is to have endless amounts of patience. Parties can be crazy and a whirlwind of energy and action, you’re going to have to repeat yourself a lot. You’re going to have to explain a lot. You’re going to have to deal with distractions and a bunch of other focus-grabbers. Kids are going to be excited and energetic and it’s important to be patient with them.


A pre-requisite for working with children is that you will have to be passionate and enjoy spending a-lot of time with kids if you want to work with them successfully. You also have to have enthusiasm for the things you’re trying to teach the kids you’re working with. Children at parties aren’t going to be excited about doing anything with you if you aren’t excited about the activities you will be providing, yourself – Be enthusiastic!

Ask Questions

Ask the children heaps of questions and show interest in what they love. Kids love talking about things that interest them. For example: “Who is your favourite princess?”, “What superheroes do you like?”, “What’s your favourite game in the whole world?” Think about it, you love it when people ask you questions about yourself, don’t you?


We mention this a lot throughout this course as it’s important, be energetic! Demonstrate the games to the children, dance with them, give endless amounts of high-fives and just have a blast. By default, you will be bringing excellent vibes and creating lasting FUN memories for the kids you are interacting with.