1.5 Rules & Regs

Time Required for Lesson – 3 Minutes

Okay we covered the basics of how to meet and greet the clients, interact with the kids, our dress code and how we work. Next up our basic rules and regulations; what we do and don’t allow at our events.

Take Away Please!

You may find that sometime the customers are so lovely & they offer you cake at your event, YUM right!! At Bazinga we have a strict no eating at parties and events policy. If a client offers you food at one of our parties or events please request at take-away.

No Alcohol

We don’t permit consumption of alcohol when working at any events. We NEVER smoke or drink alcohol at any event or party.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We encourage all our staff to bring their own water along to events. If offered you are also welcome to accept non-alcoholic drinks from the clients.

No Phones

Please put all cell phones on silent during the events, and refrain from using them while at parties. *With the exception of looking up balloon / face-painting designs and in the case of emergencies.

Keep it Pro

Please keep the conversation with clients professional at all events, don’t discuss anything too personal. We are there to offer a professional service focused on them and their families, let’s make sure that is what we deliver!