Time Required for Lesson – 3 Minutes

Equipment: 4 x Sacks, start and finish line with pegs for the grass and Bazinga’s prize bag.

How to Play: Each child tucks a ‘tail’ into the back of their shorts. The children run around the play space trying to capture the tails of the other players whilst also keeping their own tail safe. Once a child loses their tails they are out of the game. The Winner is the last one standing with one of their tails still intact.


Explain the game to the children and let them know what “area” you are playing in, generally a space of around 5 square meters is adequate. Separate the children into groups of 4.

Hand out the tails

Hand out two tails to each of the children, and have them tuck the tails loosely into their waistbands. Make sure that nobody ties the tails in any way.

And Go!

When you call go the game starts and the children attempt to take as many tails as they can without losing their own tails. The last child with a tail still intact is the winner.


The winning child gets to pick a prize from the Bazinga prize bag.


*The game can also be played in teams of 2, which is a fun and less competitive version.