1.4 At The Party

Time Required for LessonĀ – 5 Minutes

You got the dress code down, cleaned / organised your equipment, and arrived at your event 10 minutes early. So now what? Here is all you need to know about working at the party and interacting with our clients.

Memorise the Names

Before you head into the party venue or residence read over the event in your Koala App Brief on your phone.
1) Memorise the Clients Name.
2) Check the Childs name and age.

What the APP!

Make sure you have clocked in on the Koala Booking app. If you don’t, we can’t guarantee that you will be compensated for your time.


1) Ring the doorbell – smile your biggest, brightest smile šŸ˜„ and greet the client. Don’t forget to use their name and tell them which company you are from when greeting them.
Example: “Hi Lucy, my name is Micah from Bazinga Parties.”

Discuss the Party

Discuss the running of the party and activities with the host, ask them where they would like you to setup and how they would like the entertainment to run.

1) Then ask where they would like your to work and where you can set up?
2) Run through what they booked your for an how you plan to provide the services.
Example: “Today you booked the Face painting and games program. In general we begin with 1 hour of face painting and then for the last 30 minutes we run the games with the children. Is this ok with you?”
3) Proceed and set up your supplies, Games, etc.
4) Ask parent if you can turn on the Music System, to create the vibe.
*We recommend that you ask to set up in the shade whenever you work out doors .

Birthday Child

Ask the party host to point out the Birthday child, and introduce yourself to them.
Example: “Hi Daniel, my name is Micah . I heard it’s your birthday today!! I am here to make balloons for you and all your friends, would you like to be the very first one to get a balloon ? “

Birthday Child = VIP

Start all the entertainment with the Birthday child,ALWAYS! Its their special day, and they are the reason you are there! Make them feel important and included in everything you do.

Say Goodbye

1) Before you leave, say goodbye to the Birthday child and other children.
2) Thank the client for having Bazinga Parties at their event, and ask them if everything went as they expected. You can also let them know they will be receiving a review request from us via email , it would be nice if they could review you.