1.3 Dress Code

Time Required for Lesson – 3 Minutes

As representatives of the Bazinga Brand, when you work at parties and events we ask that you always keep the following in mind.


Please wear our branded Bazinga shirts at all events booked by or through us. (Unless something else was specified by one of the managers)

Pants/ Shorts

Plain coloured (black, blue or grey ) pants or knee length shorts. *Without rips.


Plain coloured shoes or sneakers, we recommend running shoes or sneakers as you will be on your feet for a few hours and need to be comfortable. We don’t allow open shoes or sandals at our events.

And What About My Hair?

If you are one of the men or women fortunate enough to have beautiful long hair. Please wear it out of your face, tied back in ponytail or bun.


Although we find sunglasses super cool.. Please refrain from wearing them at events and parties unless absolutely necessary. An important part of connecting with children and adults when at events is making eye contact and sunglasses make that difficult.

Makeup & Piercings?

Facial piercings should be removed when at work. Heavy make up is discouraged when at work. Subtle and professional please!

*If you have any questions or need clarification on any of our dress codes, please contact your local manager directly.