1.2 How We Work

Time Required for Lesson – 2 Minutes

Bazinga Parties is an international company that operates on 3 continents with 8 locations globally.

So, how do we make sure our work is of a high standard while operating at 1000’s of events and parties a year?

We follow a few simple rules that help our managers and our entertainers do an amazing job:

We Keep Our Equipment Clean

We don’t allow dirty or messy equipment, we believe in keeping everything clean and tidy. Your equipment is a reflection of our company and must be kept tidy and organised for the well being of the children and from an aesthetic perspective. 

Prepare in Advance

The night before our parties and events we:

1) Look over our schedules and check the distance we will be traveling.
2) Check our calendar for the types of parties we will be doing.
3) Prepare, clean and organise all of the equipment we need for the next days events.

Are Always on Time

As a service delivery company that charges by the hour being punctual is a must! Our clients are told that all entertainers will arrive 10 minutes prior to the party start time. Arriving at the party start time exactly at the scheduled time won’t give you enough time to meet the client and setup. Be punctual!

Communicate Clearly

Parties and events rarely run perfectly or even as expected, there are numerous nuances around kids entertainment that can effect our service. From the weather, to grumpy children, grumpy parents or traffic the most important thing is to openly communicate when things go wrong, first with the client and then with management after the event.

Represent the Brand

Whether you work solely for Bazinga or on a part-time basis, when you are booked by us at an event or party you represent the Bazinga brand. That means:

Wearing our branded t-shirts at all of our events.
– Distributing our business cards to any interested clients.
– And no self promoting or handing out of your personal phone number, flyers or email address to our clients.
– Always engaging, smiling, interacting and bringing a joyful vibe. 


*If in doubt ask! Most of the issues we face with unhappy clients are down to a lack of communication, if there is any room for doubt ask the client and if you still aren’t sure contact the Bazinga manager.

**Bazinga Parties has a manager on call in every city we operate in to handle clients questions or emergencies that may come up with entertainers and suppliers.