Sack racing is a simple yet thrilling outdoor activity where participants jump inside large sacks, gripping them around their waists, and race to a finish line. The challenge is to move forward as swiftly as possible while confined inside the sack!

Setup and Equipment

  • Distance: Prepare a flat area and mark a start and finish line about 10-15 meters apart.


  • Sacks: Ensure they are durable and of appropriate size for participants.
  • Start and finish line markers.
  • Prize bag (Optional)

Safety Tips

  • Ensure the racing area is free from obstacles. Clear away stones, branches, or anything that could cause participants to trip.
  • The finish line should not be near any hazards like walls or trees.
  • Monitor the racers to ensure fair play and prevent collisions.

Game Rules

  1. Participants stand inside their sacks at the starting line, holding the sides for balance.
  2. At the count of three, racers hop toward the finish line.
  3. The first participant to cross the finish line without stepping out of their sack is declared the winner.
  4. Prizes can be awarded to winners for added motivation.

Alternative Game Ideas

  • Relay Sack Race: Ideal for larger groups or older participants. Divide players into two teams and line them up. Racers hop to the finish line and back, then pass the sack to the next player. The first team to complete the race wins!

Game Supplies (Where to Buy)

Sack racing kits are available at most sporting goods stores. For convenience, many online retailers, like Amazon and eBay, offer various sack sizes and designs to suit your needs. Opt for burlap sacks as they’re sturdy and give an authentic feel to the game.


Q: What age is sack racing suitable for?
A: While sack racing can be enjoyed by all ages, it’s especially popular among kids aged 5 and up.

Q: How can I make the game more challenging?
A: Try introducing obstacles, increasing the race distance, or using smaller sacks for older participants.

Q: Can I play if I don’t have sacks?
A: Absolutely! While traditional sacks are ideal, you can use old pillowcases or large bags as a substitute.

Jump into the world of sack racing and enjoy a timeless game that guarantees laughter, fun, and perhaps a little friendly competition. Whether it’s for a birthday party, picnic, or family gathering, it’s a game that’ll be remembered for years to come.