Dodgeball is not just an exciting playground game but also a fantastic party hit. The main objective? Avoid being hit by the ball while trying to eliminate others. Players are “out” if they’re struck by a ball, and the game continues until only one player remains.

Setup and Equipment

Playing Area:

  • Preferably a spacious, clear ground. The playing field can be both indoors or outdoors, depending on space availability.


  • Tug of War rope: This will be used to mark the boundary.
  • Soft dodgeball: A must-have to play the game.
  • Prize bag: For the winning prize!

Safety Tips

  1. Always use a soft dodgeball to prevent injuries.
  2. Ensure the playing area is free from any obstacles or hazards.
  3. Establish clear boundaries using the Tug of War rope.
  4. Encourage players to wear appropriate shoes for grip.

Game Rules

  1. Players should avoid being hit by the dodgeball.
  2. Once hit, players are declared “out” and must step outside the playing boundary.
  3. Players are not allowed to step outside the designated playing area.
  4. No throws above waist height.
  5. The last player remaining in the game wins and claims the prize.

Alternative Game Ideas

  1. Team Dodgeball: Split players into two teams. The team with the last person standing wins.
  2. Doctor Dodgeball: Each team has a “doctor” who can “revive” hit players. Protect your doctor to win!
  3. Pin Dodgeball: Place pins behind each team. The goal is to knock down the opposing team’s pins.

Game Supplies (Where to Buy)

Ready to get started? Purchase high-quality dodgeball supplies from:

  • Local sports stores.
  • Online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.
  • Specialty stores offering sports equipment.


Q: Is dodgeball safe for kids?
A: Yes, with the right equipment (like a soft dodgeball) and by following safety guidelines.

Q: How many players are needed for dodgeball?
A: Ideally, 6-10 players, but the game is versatile and can be played with larger or smaller groups.

Q: Can dodgeball be played indoors?
A: Yes, just ensure there’s enough space and it’s free from obstacles.

Remember, the key to a successful game of dodgeball lies in the fun and camaraderie it fosters. Follow this guide, ensure safety, and let the games begin! Make sure to share your experiences and tag us on your social media dodgeball updates!