Every child deserves to feel like royalty! Our beginner’s guide to princess face painting will help you create a magical experience for your little one with just a few strokes of a brush.

Why Choose a Princess Design?

Choosing a princess design for face painting instantly brings a touch of magic to any child’s day. It’s a beloved theme for birthday parties and dress-ups, and it encourages imaginative play. It’s also adaptable to any princess from fairy tales or their own creative vision.

Materials You’ll Need

Before we start, let’s gather all the materials you’ll need. Having everything ready beforehand will make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

  1. Non-toxic face paint in classic princess colors: pinks, purples, gold, and white
  2. A set of face-painting brushes, including fine tips for detail work
  3. Cosmetic sponges for larger areas and blending
  4. A cup of water for rinsing brushes
  5. Facial wipes or a damp cloth for corrections
  6. Glitter (cosmetic grade) for a magical sparkle
  7. A comfortable chair and a drop cloth to catch any drips
  8. A mirror so the child can witness the transformation

Now that we have everything ready, let’s get painting!

Step-by-Step Face-Painting Design

Follow these steps to create a fantastic face-painting design. Don’t worry if you make a mistake; remember, it’s all part of the learning process!

Step 1: Prepare Your Canvas

  • Ensure the child’s face is clean and dry. Tie back any hair and make sure they’re comfortably seated.

Step 2: Base Layers

  • Dip your sponge into a light pink or purple paint and create a smooth base over the entire face, avoiding the eye area.

Step 3: Add Some Sparkle

  • While the base is still slightly damp, dab on a bit of glitter on the cheeks and forehead.

Step 4: Eyes Fit for a Princess

  • Use a fine brush to apply a gentle sweep of gold or silver above each eyelid, mimicking the shape of a crown or tiara.

Step 5: Royal Cheeks

  • Sponge on a brighter pink circle on each cheek for a rosy glow.

Step 6: Lips of Luxury

  • Paint the lips with a soft brush using a bright pink or red to give a regal touch.

Step 7: Dazzling Details

  • With a fine-tip brush, create small white stars or dots around the eyes and on the cheeks to symbolize a princess’s elegance and grace.

Step 8: Crown Creation

  • Draw the outline of a crown or tiara on the forehead with a fine-tip brush in gold paint. Fill in the details with white to highlight and purple for depth.

Step 9: Final Touches

  • Add white or silver lines to emulate the shine of the crown’s jewels.

Step 10: The Royal Finish

  • Ask the child to close their eyes and carefully apply a small amount of cosmetic glitter over the crown and cheeks for a final magical touch.

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Test out your designs on paper or practice skin before painting on a child’s face.
  • Familiarize yourself with the face painting kit, learning what each brush can do.
  • Start by practicing the crown design since it’s the centerpiece of your princess face.


Your princess face painting is now fit for any noble gathering or enchanted event. Watch as your child beams with royal pride!